2 Year Recap

Where the hell have you been?

Oh that Uni thing, life, work, love… Yeah, that’ll happen.

Short achievement list of the last 18 months:

  • Changed jobs, teaching IT now, not just games programming.
  • Got engaged.
  • Sooo much uni – Math and Code, Code and math, and now… science!
  • Research paper on Genetic Algorithms to be published early 2014 (Hopefully)
  • Realistic plan for Blastronauts for 2014!
  • Wrote a 2D game engine with Mono as the renderer
  • Wrote a little 3D OpenGL sim along with some custom Gourand and Phong Shaders.
  • Moved Twice
  • Turned down by EA, asked nicely what can I improve and can’t get an responce… :(
  • 100mb Internet to the property! Will be hosting mumble and game servers soon.
  • Made some good friends online ( ikr! )
  • Created a ‘Spaaace’ Catagory on my steam games list
  • Wrote an android app. for the University of Canberra’s Health faculty to collect a new data set amongst pregnant women.
  • Rediscovered blog while reading the LevelMachine blog >.>
  • Rebooted blog



Setting Up Shop

So tonight, I’ve spent the last two hours setting up a version control and backup server. its been a while since I’ve done this so I’ll be interested to see how it holds up.

Already had an old 80gig HD decided not to play
The plan is RAID1 with three drives for the repo, with boot and swap in RAID1 over the two larger drives. While I like IT, I am far from trained in it and have no idea of the benefits outside of redundency. Which was the focus of this exercise anyway.

6 Weeks till D-Day, Shane ships out to the states with Blastronauts in tow. I have my schedule, and this is Day 1

- Also, I know it’s a default theme – Ill purdy it up over the weekend.